The Silk route collection by Boghossian jewellery house

None of the jewellery collections has awed me as much as the recent Silk collection by Geneva based Boghossian Jewellery House. It is truly mesmerising and high on creativity. A […]

Combination of German and Italian styles

Germany and Italy- these two countries have a very different and unique style of jewellery designing and manufacturing. Both the countries have a long and rich history of jewellery making. […]

Maharaja Jewellery by Western Jewellers

Rulers of every princely state – big or small – had their own collection of heirloom gems and jewellery. No one can deny the fact that India has been a […]

Costliest diamonds of Indian origin

India’s love affair with jewellery is without parallel in the world- an unbroken tradition of acquiring diamonds and gemstones spanning 5,000 years. Indian origin diamonds has always had an incredible […]

Victorian Jewellery

This fascinating era of Jewellery is one of the most talked about period of Jewellery, styles and designs. It is also one of my favourite topic of interest. The era […]