I am Kruti Chatwani, the creator of, “The World Of Jewellery”. For those who do not know me, I have a passion for both, Jewellery and sharing knowledge. I love the study of cultures and art around the world and this I can do because I am also an avid reader. What fascinates me is how art and culture of each city or country are interconnected with the Jewellery. With an experience of more than a decade in the jewellery, education, and communication industry, I have too much to share and yet to explore. I am still finding answers to questions like, Is wearing jewellery that is designed with a concept the pivotal driving forces of expressing fashion and individuality?…… To what extent is Jewelry, characterized by social and psychological utility?……. Does Jewelry provides people with a physical symbol to represent meaning, ideas, values and rituals? ..…these and many more. If you happen to ponder with same thoughts, or if you have answers to them, GREAT! Get connected here.

What to expect here

Here you will find posts that are unbiased and and true to sense. I will be highlighting a variety of topics in The World Of Jewellery. When you visit here you will learn about jewellery, inspirations, designs, trends, branding and much more. It is The World Of Jewellery right here!

Who should be here?

Whether you are from jewellery or lifestyle industry, or a person who loves to adorn, you can gain a wealth of knowledge and inspiration from The World Of Jewellery.