Germany and Italy- these two countries have a very different and unique style of jewellery designing and manufacturing. Both the countries have a long and rich history of jewellery making. Germany renowned for its dedication to craftsmanship, exceptional quality and bold unostentatious creations and Italy known for incredible workmanship, fantasy, innovative material combinations and creativity.

What if best of both are combined!

So, I am going to talk about a brand born out of a combination of Italian creativity and German precision. And the icing on the cake is it also having liveliness and spontaneity of the Brazilian soul. BRUMANI- A Brazilian Jewellery brand started by Grandchildren of Italian and German immigrants who arrived in Brazil in the mid-twentieth century, the Brüner brothers, Eduardo, Emerson and Rodrigo, inherited a family tradition of jewellers going back over fifty years.

Brumani creations are born of a contemporary vision of design that goes beyond jewellery, and involves a lifestyle that brings a luxury female accessory to the everyday world. Entirely handcrafted, the designs made with 18K gold, diamonds, and precious and rare coloured gemstones. From the various collections, my favourite is the Baobab Bubbles Collection and the Laces Collection.

Baobab Bubbles Collection

Baobab bubbles collection is a classic collection, simple and timeless, composed of everyday wear pendants, earrings and rings. They are small and cute yet fashion forward. The multi-coloured versions as pink, blue and green. BRUMANI prepared monochromatic versions, in rose gold with white Topaz, white gold with Blue Topaz, yellow gold with smoky quartz and rose gold with Chrysoberyl. All the combinations has a touch of diamond.

Laces Collection

This collection is inspired by delicate and sophisticated handmade lacework. Designed by Brazilian designer Lethicia Bronstein, the collection is elegantly created for the contemporary woman, using a mixture and patchwork of lace to emphasise the sensuality and femininity of the woman. The jewellery is available in three different versions: pink gold with diamond and champagne diamond, white gold with diamond and blue sapphire, and white gold with diamond and pearls.

I have been enchanted with their designs from the first day I laid my eyes on their collections and have never stopped feeling that it is captivating. BRUMANI is looking forward to cater to Indian Market by starting multiple stores in India.

Well, we look forward to you, BRUMANI!