None of the jewellery collections has awed me as much as the recent Silk collection by Geneva based Boghossian Jewellery House. It is truly mesmerising and high on creativity. A perfect blend of eastern and western cultures.

Inspired to interpret the art of ancient silk weaves, the designs of this collection stay true to the excellence of ancient Chinese craftsmanship. The results of these effords are evident in the finished pieces; metal, hardstones and gemstones stream together seamlessly in an intricate tapestry of brilliance and colour.

All of the 11 sets celebrate the richness and beauty of cities along the silk road.

Here are the first three of the 11 sets.

Seres- The land of silk and jade

The Romans called the mysterious people from far away lands who traded silk- The seres, which led to the term ‘sericulture” or culture of silk. In a nod to this historical meeting of cultures and craftsmanship, these jewels of dazzling modernity marries ancient pieces of jade from the time of Confucius, with rough diamonds prized by the Romans, all intertwined by a hand woven silken thread.
Isn’t it just pretty and has a touch history? I like it because it’s an honor to the past while pushing the boundaries of jewellery making today.

Xian- The origin of the silk road

Located at the beginning of the silk road the city of Xian was a place of abundance and secrets of craft, of which sericulture was the most preciously guarded.

This intricate jewelry set of uniquely cut diamonds surrounded by auspicious cloud motifs remind us of the blessings imparted upon travelers as they embarked
on their often perilous journeys. Indeed, before the beginning of every long voyage, it was customary to look at the sky for auspiciousness: many colored clouds
guaranteed smooth passage and great success. The delicate elements, linked by woven pearls and carved jade pieces, recall the wind chimes of the city walls, or the swaying hairpins of a bygone Chinese beauty. The cloud patterns, scintillating with the orient of mother-of pearl are inspired by the myriad Chinese silks woven
with this motif, intended to envelop the wearer with blessings and good fortunes.

Wearing a piece of jewellery with such a meaningful story is what makes this set outstanding.

Dunhuang- The caves of the thousand Budddhas

The town of Dunhuang, gradually became a culturally diverse religious center, where spiritual and artistic expressions by generations of worshipers can be found.

Inspired by this magnificent site, the three identical emeralds of great size and quality are placed into a single necklace. Inlaid into panels of opal and mother-of-pearl,
the delicate imperial jade details and diamond highlights recall the intricacy of the magical hidden frescoes. Nestled between the opal and mother-of-pearl panels is
a crescent-shaped swath of natural pearls, echoing the distinctive shape of the oasis. Evocative of the “Green Buddhist Landscapes” depicted in the famous Caves of the Thousand Buddhas, the cascading pearls echo the nearby Dunes of Singing Sands.

It is truly amazing how skillful and innovative techniques like inlay and mother of panels